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3 Steps for a Speedy Recovery After A Breast Augmentation

3 Steps for a Speedy Recovery After A Breast Augmentation

Recovering After Your Breast Augmentation

3 Steps for a Speedy Recovery After A Breast Augmentation - Dr. Finkel MDIf you’ve recently undergone breast augmentation, you are probably hoping for a quick recovery. This is certainly possible, but your main priority should be to take excellent care of yourself during the recovery process. Your plastic surgeon in Chandler should provide you with plenty of information on what to do while you’re recovering, but the following are a few tips to ensure that the process is as speedy as possible.

Use Ice for Swelling and Bruising

As your Chandler cosmetic surgeon has probably informed you, swelling and bruising for a few weeks after surgery is normal. Using ice packs after the surgery can help to reduce these side effects. In fact, if you apply ice packs to the affected area once you are home, you may ultimately speed up the recovery process. Be sure that you cover the ice packs with soft material before applying them to the skin. The ice packs should be perfectly flat when you freeze them, in order to avoid irregularities in the surface that may irritate the affected area.

Allow Your Body to Heal

Cosmetic Surgery Chandler AZDon’t try to engage in strenuous physical activity too soon after surgery, or you could cause damage to your body. This is especially important during the first week after surgery. You should also avoid sleeping directly on your stomach for the first week or two. Although you may be eager to resume your normal routine, getting plenty of rest initially can actually help you to recover more quickly overall. You may want to schedule a few days off from work or school, so you can focus on getting all the rest that your body needs.

Eat Strategically

The foods you consume during the recovery period can affect the healing process. Avoiding foods that are high in sodium may help to keep swelling to a minimum.  Eating foods that are high in vitamin C (which is an antioxidant), such as oranges, strawberries, and green leafy vegetables, can help to promote faster healing. Foods high in vitamin A might aid in preventing infection. Such foods include cantaloupe, carrots, and sweet potatoes (you should combine these foods with some form of healthy fat, in order to ensure proper absorption).

Consult a Qualified Doctor

The best way to be sure that you have a safe and quick recovery is to consult an experienced doctor. Dr. Rimma Finkel is a double-board-certified plastic surgeon, and she is qualified to perform the breast augmentation Chandler residents seek. She has been recognized by her peers as a leading physician, and she will treat you with the respect and expertise that you deserve.