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9 Tips for Getting the Best Tummy Tuck Results

Tummy Tucks surgeries are getting more popular as people are looking for different ways to improve their abdominal appearance. Women and men often suffer from different types of problems when it comes to weight gain. One of the most common reasons for weight gain for women is pregnancy and the belly bulge that follows it. Often, these consequences find an ideal solution in abdominoplasty. Both men and women suffer significantly when they lose extra weight. Usually, they are left with excess skin that leads to low confidence. This is something that makes an ideal candidate for tummy tuck surgery. However, learning the facts is equally important as the procedure itself, so doing your research is mandatory.
Did you know that the success of your Tummy Tuck isn’t entirely in the hands of your surgeon? YOU play a very important role in your recovery, regardless of what procedure you are receiving. How you prepare your body, mind, and environment before your Tummy Tuck can significantly enhance your recovery and results.

Wait Until You’re Done Having Children

Getting a Tummy Tuck is definitely recommended to do after you are done having children. However, it is possible to carry a pregnancy after a tummy tuck but is definitely not recommended. This is due to losing your results and ending up right where you started.

Choosing the Right Surgeon

This is the most important step in making your final decision. Holding the highest standards when it comes to your health brings both safety and aesthetics together. As Dr. Finkel says
“I am here to help you gain that confidence.” Providing you with the best service and always by your side. Dr. Finkel specializes in reconstructive and aesthetic surgery of the breast, cosmetic surgery of the face and body, body contouring, and other types of reconstructive surgery.

Stop Smoking

Most plastic surgeons will require you to stop smoking for a few weeks before having your Tummy Tuck surgery due to smoking side effects. The biggest one is increasing surgical risk factors and your ability to recover from surgery. If you want to maintain your long-term results after the surgery it is in your favor to choose not to smoke. Smoking can lead to various health problems and dealing with any of these issues during the recovery period can take your focus away from enjoying your after-surgery figure and can cause major issues down the line.

Embrace Healthy a Healthy Lifestyle Months Before Surgery and Maintain it After

Eating a healthy diet and exercising for months before your Tummy Tuck surgery can help get and keep your body in optimal health. The better conditioned your body and overall health are before a Tummy Tuck, the better your results will be afterward. Post-surgery it is even more important to eat nutritious food. Your focus should be on fueling your body properly for faster recovery and better results in the long run. This can also help you to heal faster. Here are some tips that can help you to stay in shape and keep your tummy tuck results:

Put down the soft drinks. This is something we keep on hearing for years now, but soft drinks are not only bad for your health but they are also bad for your skin, kidneys, and your overall digestive system. Sugary sodas are increasing your chances of developing Type 2 diabetes and are full of empty calories. This also counts for diet soda drinkers as they are full of sugar as well. They are one of the main reasons for people eventually becoming obese.

Practice moderation. Having a “cheat meal” is completely fine as well as having a sweet tooth from time to time, but keeping it under control is crucial. Having a family or office celebration often keeps us off track with our diet so disciplining yourself is a must.
Have fun in the kitchen. Cooking your own meals at home gives a higher percentage of staying in shape. This is due to having control of your diet and nutrition. You decide which ingredients you are putting in your body so taking a cooking class in order to improve your cooking skills is a great way to make cooking a fun activity and start a healthier lifestyle.

Prepare your healthy snacks. Get rid of all junk foods in your home and replace them with some better alternatives. Healthy goodies are easy to find in your local organic stores. Keep your focus on fruits, nuts, and veggies. This way you will reduce your cravings and stay away from junk food.
Embrace carbs. Carbohydrates are having a really bad reputation nowadays when talking about weight loss. Many people believe that they are the ones responsible for obesity and are popularising the low or no-carb approach. Nevertheless, carbohydrates are a primary source of energy for human beings so it is mandatory to make a difference between different types of carbs.

Bad carbs are found in foods such as white bread, pasta, bakery products, and many other processed foods. They provide you with no or very little nutrition.

Complex carbs are the ones you should consider consuming. They are found in whole grain products and legumes. They are providing you with the great nutrition value and sustained energy while your body breaks these calories slower. These benefits are found in green vegetables, beans, and potatoes.

Hydration is the key. When you get rid of all soft drinks from your diet you should focus on your drinking habit. Water is the most important thing to keep your hydration levels high. It also improves your skin and helps you to keep your cravings in control.
Get your 8 hours of sleep. Providing your body with enough sleep helps you to maintain a healthy diet. Beauty sleep is very important for your progress. Keeping you well rested and gives you more energy for more effective workouts.

Exercise Regularly

There is a strong correlation between being at or close to your ideal weight before your Tummy Tuck surgery and satisfaction with your results. Regular exercise, along with a healthy diet, is two means of reaching this weight.

Working out at least 3 times a week. Keeping this amount of workouts per week will help you to reach your goal weight and maintain it. Regular exercise encourages healthy circulation, a crucial part of healing after surgery.

Leading an active life. Just being a dynamic person and looking for new ways of activity means a lot in the long run. Take stairs instead of elevators, spend more time in nature and avoid buses, just take a walk.

Follow Your Post-Op Instructions

When you receive some specific instructions after the surgery, try and keep up with them in order to recover faster. Taking care of yourself is crucial at this point. Wear compression garments and take any prescribed medications as directed. If you have any questions about what you should or shouldn’t do during recovery, don’t hesitate to call your plastic surgeon’s office.

There are very specific reasons behind each requirement and recommendation your plastic surgeon gives you. If you are unsure of why your surgeon has included a particular instruction feel free to contact the doctor.

Drain Free

This is one of the biggest problems you have to deal with in the post-operation process and also something people complain the most about.
Drains have traditionally been used to collect excess fluid that builds up behind the abdominoplasty incision and there are several issues connected to it.
– Drain lines can become clogged, kinked, tangled, or catch on things.
– If a drain line gets pulled out, a return trip to the plastic surgeon’s office will be in order.
– The risk for infection is higher with drains.
– Recovery time tends to be longer when drains are used.
– Drains can be uncomfortable and even painful.
Getting the most out of your tummy tuck takes discipline and effort on your part, but getting incredible results that last will be well worth it.

Keep Good Communication with Your Surgeon

Your relationship with your surgeon doesn’t end the day after your Tummy Tuck. It’s essential to keep the lines of communication open and not feel intimidated about reaching out with any questions or concerns.

Your end results are being satisfied and building your confidence just as Dr. Finkel says “Confidence is an extremely important aspect in everyone’s life. The confidence we have in ourselves and often in our appearance can either hold us back from chances life offers, or give us that extra advantage that allows us to embrace every opportunity. I am here to help you gain that confidence.”

One of the mandatory things in communicating with your surgeon is their board certification. Be sure to work only with surgeons who have hospital privileges and/or use only accredited operating facilities.

Lastly, looking at before and after photos is a must to choose the right surgeon. It’s also a good way to decide whether abdominoplasty is in fact the procedure that will best help them achieve their goals.

Have Healthy Expectations

Having the right mindset before and after the surgery will keep you on the right track. Your way of thinking will ensure you get good tummy tuck results that are close to reasonable expectations. This means that you understand what can and cannot be achieved through abdominoplasty. This is not a weight loss operation so your own dedication is very important. Just follow Dr. Finkel’s advice and your surgery outcome will be very pleasant.