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Questions To Ask Yourself: Am I Ready For Plastic Surgery?

Am I Ready For Plastic Surgery?

Am I Ready For Plastic Surgery?

Before you begin your journey with cosmetic enhancements, you must ask yourself the all-important question of: “Am I ready for plastic surgery?” This question must go beyond your financial preparedness and overall health. It must focus on whether you are making a healthy decision from an emotional standpoint. Below are some of the first questions you must ask when getting ready for plastic surgery.

Who are you getting your plastic surgery for?

An excellent place to begin is to consider who you are getting your plastic surgery for. Has your spouse or partner requested or demanded surgery? Do you feel pressure to get plastic surgery to keep your relationship, or to win back your ex? The person you should enhance your appearance for, should be yourself.

Have you explored other options?

Depending on the enhancements you are considering, your plastic surgeon may alert you to some less invasive procedures. You might be surprised at your non-surgical plastics surgery options.

Do you clearly understand the risks associated with your procedure?

Unlike most surgical procedures designed to improve health, plastic surgery is an entirely optional choice. When answering the question: “Am I ready for plastic surgery?” you must ensure you are fully informed about the risks associated with the surgery, the potential post-op complications, recovery time, and recovery requirements.

Are your expectations reasonable?

When getting ready for plastic surgery, create a list of your goals and expectations. Bring this list of expectations with you, so your plastic surgeon clearly understands your goals, and so you can determine if your expectations are realistic.

Do you still want to look like you?

While it is common to look at another person’s features for inspiration, you must consider whether you are trying to look like an improved version of yourself, or if you are trying to look like someone else.

Do you expect your surgery to make you happy?

You are exploring your plastic surgery options, because you want to achieve a result that will positively impact your self-esteem. However, there is a difference between relying solely on plastic surgery for your happiness, and turning to plastic surgery for an added bit of confidence.

Have you researched your plastic surgeon?

Before you select a surgeon, you must do your homework. Ask friends and family for referrals, learn about your prospective surgeon’s experience with the procedures you desire, and ask to see “before” and “after” photos of their work. Also, make sure you feel comfortable with the surgeon and their team on a personal level.


“Am I Ready for Plastic Surgery” Must Be the First Question, But Certainly Not the Last

How to know when you’re ready for plastic surgery will vary from person to person, but the questions above are an excellent place to begin.

Dr. Finkel is available to walk you through each and every one of the above questions. She is here to be informative, and helpful throughout the entire process. If you have questions and would like to talk with a reputable double board certified surgeon, schedule a consultation appointment with Dr. Rimma Finkel.

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