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What Is A Brow Lift?

August 13, 2019

A brow lift, or a forehead lift, is a cosmetic procedure that improves the appearance of the forehead, eyebrows, and the area around the eyes by lifting the skin and soft tissue in the forehead and above the eyebrows. A brow lift can be done at the same time as a rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, or facelift procedure. Related topic: Blepharoplasty for Beauty or Vision Why get a brow lift? As we age, our skin

Body Contouring Costs

July 18, 2019

Sometimes makeup tutorials, diet, and exercise aren't enough to reach your body goals after a major weight loss. Typically postpregnancy, significant weight loss related to diet or bariatric surgery, tends to leave loose skin behind. Body contouring can reshape and refine your body, fine-tuning your new shape. Your surgeon will perform an in-depth examination of your body and lifestyle before recommending a

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Chandler

June 26, 2019

When considering a breast reconstruction surgery in Chandler, there are a few big questions you might be asking yourself. Which breast reconstruction surgeon should I choose? When will the reconstruction surgery take place? How long will it take me to recover from this type of surgery? What are the risks associated with it? Plastic surgeon in Chandler, Dr. Rimma Finkel, has been performing breast reconstruction

Blepharoplasty for Beauty or Vision

June 17, 2019

Aging is natural and something that we all experience but sometimes the side effects of aging can negatively affect our day-to-day. One side effect to aging that you may experience is sagging near the eyes that can lead to fatty pockets appearing under the skin. Sagging skin and fatty pockets around the eyes can lead to vision impairment and leave people feeling less confident as their eyes are the focal point of

Breast Augmentation Recovery Tips

June 12, 2019

Making the decision to get breast augmentation surgery can be difficult. You may ask yourself, “how much will it cost?” or “what are the risks?” But a big question people often ask is centered around what to expect after breast augmentation. If you live alone, it’s important to know if you can care for yourself or if you will need help. It’s also important to know what other women experience in terms of

Subpectoral VS Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction Surgery

March 08, 2019

There are one of two ways that your breast reconstruction surgery will work the best for your body, Subpectoral (partially under the muscle placement) or Prepectoral Breast Reconstruction (over the muscle placement). Multiple factors play a role in determining the optimal implant placement for each individual patient, including patient health history, implant type, implant size, and the patient’s body type. To get

What is Fat Grafting?

February 08, 2019

Curves are in right now and while working out can help transform the body in various ways, sometimes the curves you are trying to achieve just don't come. This is when many women turn to fat grafting, also known as a fat transfer, to help volumize specific areas of the body while removing fat from unwanted places. The process of fat grafting involves refining the fat and reinjecting it into specific areas of the

What is a Modern Tummy Tuck?

January 10, 2019

Technology is an amazing thing and each year we are welcomed with new advancements to help ease the surgical process as well as help in recovery time for patients. For many procedures, what used to be a 4-6 week recovery, can now be as little as 1-2 weeks depending on the procedure and the individual. Advanced technology in the medical industry has made invasive surgeries much less invasive, which means healing time

2019 Plastic Surgery Trends

December 10, 2018

As 2019 fast approaches, it is time to look at cosmetic trends projected to be popular in the new year. Plastic surgery is becoming more and more popular as years pass, and continuous development of the technology used during surgery is making procedures easier, safer, shorter, and much less invasive. Doctors are excited about the advancement in medicine and practices with both invasive and noninvasive procedures.

FAQs About Tummy Tucks

November 02, 2018

Maybe you've had a baby, or a couple, or maybe you've experienced a significant amount of weight loss, and now you are looking at your tummy knowing your abs are in there but you can't quite see them due to excess skin. This is when you may be considering getting a tummy tuck. Tummy tucks are considered invasive procedures, so it is important to know exactly what the standard tummy tuck includes and have your