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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Chandler

When considering a breast reconstruction surgery in Chandler, there are a few big questions you might be asking yourself. Which breast reconstruction surgeon should I choose? When will the reconstruction surgery take place? How long will it take me to recover from this type of surgery? What are the risks associated with it?Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Chandler

Plastic surgeon in Chandler, Dr. Rimma Finkel, has been performing breast reconstruction since 2008. Her experience in surgery and with handling patients in a kind and attentive manner have made the doctor one of the best in the Chandler Arizona area. Come with your important questions and Dr. Finkel will be happy to answer your questions and put you at ease for the process. Continue reading to learn more about the reconstruction techniques, and come prepared with your important questions to your consultation.

Options for Breast Reconstruction

In our Breast Reconstruction, the breast will be rebuilt through one or several plastic surgery techniques following mastectomy or injury depending on the reconstruction technique you choose.  We work with you to restore the breast to near normal shape, appearance, and size to give you back what you lost. In most cases, the initial operation is the most complex and a few follow-up surgeries may be required to complete the reconstruction.

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Implant Expanders and Flaps

Implant Expanders is our most common reconstructive technique.  This reconstruction procedure begins with a tissue expander placed under the pectoral muscle. Over the course of weeks, and sometimes months, saline is injected into the expander.  Once the tissue has stretched sufficiently to reach an acceptable size, the expander may be removed and replaced with a more permanent implant.  This is followed by Nipple reconstruction (more on nipple reconstruction below).

In Flap Construction, tissue from other areas of the patient’s body such as the back, buttocks, thigh, or abdomen is used to replace the breast.  In one type of skin flap breast reconstruction surgery, the tissue, which consists of skin, muscle, and fat, is placed beneath the skin of the chest to create a space for a breast implant.  In some cases during this breast reconstruction procedure, we find that the tissue can form the breast mound itself without any need for a breast implant.  Two of the most common flap breast reconstruction surgeries involve using the soft tissue of the abdomen (TRAM flap) or the soft tissue from the back (latissimus flap).

Nipple Reconstruction

Nipple Reconstruction is typically the final procedure once the breast mound has been formed or created. Creating the nipple areola is what makes the breast reconstruction complete. How we go about creating the nipple areola is dependent on what works best for you.  It is often done as an outpatient procedure.

Fat Grafting

Fat Grafting is the transfer of fat cells from one part of the body to improve the appearance and feel of another area.  Often done on the face, hips, buttocks, and even the breasts during reconstruction.

What to Expect After Breast Reconstruction Surgery

It’s expected to endure some sort of short-term pain for a week or two after breast reconstruction surgery. However, your plastic surgeon will work with you to control any pain and discomfort and depending on the type of reconstructive surgery you have, you may be able to leave the hospital in just a few days. Often you’ll be discharged with a drain. A drain is a small tube used to remove any extra fluid from the surgery while you’re still healing. Your plastic surgeon will give instructions on the wound and drain care, as well as decide when the drain can be safely removed based on the amount of fluid collected daily.

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Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Chandler

Surgery can be intimidating. Working with a surgeon you trust can make all the difference. If you’re considering breast reconstruction in Chandler, contact Dr. Finkel today.

Choosing Your Plastic Surgeon in Chandler

Dr. FinkelDr. Rimma Finkel provides patients in Chandler with expert care. Her professional achievements include recognition as a Leading Physician of the World and Top Plastic Surgeon in Chandler, Arizona. This distinction is reserved for those who have demonstrated leadership and achievement in the field of plastic surgery.

Dr. Finkel is double board certified in Plastic Surgery multiple professional memberships to continue her education and knowledge within the plastic surgery industries. Her professional memberships include:

American Academy of Facial Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery
American Association of Plastic Surgeons
American Board of Plastic Surgery
American Society of Plastic Surgeons

Finding an office location is easy, Dr. Finkel has multiple office locations throughout the Valley including several locations in Chandler. If you’re ready to receive more information about breast reconstruction, schedule your consultation today.