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Eyelid Surgery in Scottsdale

Eyelid Surgery in Scottsdale Since the skin around your eyes is so delicate, it is one of the first areas to begin to show age. As the collagen and fat diminish, the skin becomes thin and crepey. The skin then begins to sag and wrinkle, and many women complain that it makes them look tired and worn out, even though they are not. If this is you, eyelid surgery in Scottsdale, or blepharoplasty, might be an option. But, you might be wondering what this procedure entails and what it means for you. Read on.

Eyelid Surgery Recovery

It’s a common question, since many people have to worry about jobs and families and can’t spend weeks luxuriating in recovery. And, although the surgery seems pretty minor, it’s on your face, so a quick return to normal life might not be possible.

Recovery times vary, when considering bruising and swelling, but typically stitches are removed only 2-5 days after the surgery. This means that, if your swelling isn’t too bad, you can return to work with some makeup applied after 7-10 days. Some women report a longer period, but usually you can plan on 10 days for reasonable recovery time.

Some complications, such as infection or if the area isn’t allowed to heal properly, can cause much longer recovery periods, so it’s essential that the incision sites are treated with great care and that you follow your doctor’s instructions. Luckily, blepharoplasty is usually outpatient, so you can do all of your recovering within the comfort of your home.

Expect possible discomfort, a lot of swelling (remember the area is very delicate), and for your eyes to feel dry. While this is all normal, if you feel it is excessive, call your doctor, as it may be a sign of complications.

Average Cost of Blepharoplasty

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the average cost of blepharoplasty is $3,022.00. This doesn’t include the fee charged by the anesthesiologist or other operating fees. However, your doctor could quote you less or more than this, depending on the extent of your surgery.

Also, you should consider possible extra costs due to complications. Again, the risk of these costs can be reduced by proper post-op care. Keeping the incisions clean, using the right medications, and following your doctor’s instructions are key to avoiding extra days of recovery and all the added costs of complications.

Blepharoplasty Surgery Insurance Coverage

You might be wondering, when is eyelid surgery medically necessary? In order to be considered for getting your blepharoplasty covered by insurance, there are a few requirements that are pretty standard. Of course, every insurance company is different, and there might be other requirements beyond these.

Basically, you must make a case for the surgery being related to your health and well-being, and not simply cosmetic. In some cases, the excess skin will droop below the lower edge of the pupil, blocking out light and making it impossible to see without the lids being lifted. Some women report a “black hood” over their vision, marking the start of loss of sight.

In order to show that your vision is compromised, you should see a cosmetic surgeon and get a consultation. Your doctor will be able to use tape to pull the excess skin back and take photos before and after to demonstrate the extent of the problem. If you and your doctor are able to prove that you can see better with the tape in place, you have a good shot at getting your surgery covered by insurance.

Of course, you individual health coverage is important to note as well. If you have a large deductible that has not been spent, you may have to pay for the surgery in its entirety, even if you can prove that it’s medically necessary. So,  if you feel your drooping eyelids are beginning to threaten your vision, check your coverage and get a consultation with a licensed cosmetic surgeon to get started.

Blepharoplasty might be a good option for you if you notice that your eyes are showing your age more than the rest of your face and neck. It’s common for women to have great skin everywhere but around their eyes. It’s also a way to get a lift earlier in life than a facelift would be recommended. Having eyelids that don’t droop or puff can take years off your appearance, so make an appointment and see if blepharoplasty is right for you.


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