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FAQs About Tummy Tucks

FAQs About Tummy TucksMaybe you’ve had a baby, or a couple, or maybe you’ve experienced a significant amount of weight loss, and now you are looking at your tummy knowing your abs are in there but you can’t quite see them due to excess skin. This is when you may be considering getting a tummy tuck. Tummy tucks are considered invasive procedures, so it is important to know exactly what the standard tummy tuck includes and have your questions answered before you make your decision. Listed below are FAQs about tummy tucks, helping you towards making the best decision fit for your body goals.

1. What is included in a standard tummy tuck?

The standard tummy tuck, also known as abdominoplasty, is a medical procedure for the stomach and hips which includes excess skin removal, muscle repair, fat removal, and body contouring. Each plastic surgeon will have a different standard for the tummy tuck procedure, meaning not all will include liposuction. If your plastic surgeon does not include liposuction with the tummy tuck, it can be added on to remove any pesky fat pockets that have not gone away no matter your diet or workout regimen. The point of a tummy tuck is to reshape the stomach/abdominal area that has experienced extreme change due to weight-loss or pregnancy.

2. What is the average cost of a tummy tuck?

The cost of a tummy tuck can vary based on the surgeon you choose and the specific components you would like in the procedure (liposuction, body contouring, etc.), however, the average cost is between $5,500 – $12,000.

3. How long is the recovery from a tummy tuck procedure?

Every person heals differently, but there are ways you can help in the healing and recovery process after a tummy tuck to help the overall process. The typical recovery for a tummy tuck consists of wearing an abdominal binder for 6 weeks as well as avoiding any strenuous activity and heavy lifting for 6 weeks. The abdominal binder will help to support the abdomen and avoid any fluid that could potentially build up causing major issues after-the-fact.

4. What are the advantages to getting a tummy tuck?

Getting a tummy tuck can have quite a few advantages including:

  • Reduced back pain
  • Correct Ventral Hernias
  • Improve weak bladder due to child birth
  • Increase exercise stamina
  • Reduce excess skin
  • Reshape/ restructure abdomen area

5. What are the disadvantages to getting a tummy tuck?

You will want to make sure you have an extremely experiences, certified, and trusted surgeon perform your tummy tuck because scarring and sometimes abnormal looking abdominal area. If a large portion of the skin from the stomach region needs to be removed, this may require that the belly button be repositioned or reconstructed altogether. Also, tummy tucks are invasive and the procedure itself can be dangerous, as with all surgeries.

6. What results can I expect from a tummy tuck?

As with any surgery, the results are not immediate but after your 6 week recovery, your results will be relatively close to the final outcome of your tummy tuck. You can expect to have a flatter/tighter stomach, reduced stretch marks, for years to come so long as you maintain your weight.

7. What are the risks associated with a tummy tuck?

Any type of surgery is going to come with some sort of risk factor. If you are choosing to get a tummy tuck, make sure you go over the risk factors with your doctor prior to the procedure. Your personal health, weight, and age will also play into the risks as well. Some risks associated with a tummy tuck include:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Negative reaction to anesthesia
  • Fluid build up known as seroma
  • Tissue loss along incision line, prolonging healing

8. How do I know if I am a candidate for a tummy tuck?

You should schedule a consultation with a plastic surgeon to go over your goals for your abdomen region. There are few key things the doctor will consider before approving you for a tummy tuck procedure.

Candidate must:

  • Be in good health
  • Have excessive loose skin
  • Carry excess weight in the abdominal region
  • Have realistic expectations for after surgery outcome
  • Have the desire to maintain weight and physique after surgery

FAQs About Tummy Tucks

If you have further questions about tummy tucks, consider making a consultation with a certified plastic surgeon. These FAQs about tummy tucks only scratch the surface in regards to everything you need to know before you get the procedure. Tummy tucks are extremely popular for moms and usually part of the mommy makeover package, as well as with people who have experienced extreme weight-loss.

If you are in the Phoenix area and are considering a tummy tuck, contact Dr. Finkel for your consultation.