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After giving birth to your child, you may look at your body and think you will never get back the body you had before your baby. Be comforted by the fact that a Mommy Makeover allows you to regain the body image that you want and look and feel like you again. During pregnancy, childbirth, and weight changes, your body’s skin goes through changes as well and does not snap back into the shape it once was. Even with diet and exercise, you may notice some positive changes but still find areas of your body that are not cooperating. Luckily, there are plastic surgery procedures designed to tone your body’s shape to satisfy your personal goals and regain your self-confidence. Discover more about mommy makeovers and why you should consider your mommy makeover in Scottsdale.

What is a Mommy Makeover?

A mommy makeover is a set of cosmetic procedures addressing areas affected by childbirth, such as the face, breasts, and body. The procedure is a collection of body contouring techniques that are custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of the patient body goals. The mommy makeover procedures can include both surgical and non-surgical methods.

Every patient will have their own personal goals, which often include some of the following:

A mommy makeover tends to address and have surgical producers to restore a patient’s breasts and abdomen, as these are the typical areas of change with motherhood. Many patients begin with breast augmentation and a tummy tuck. Breast augmentations involve breast implants that help restore the lost volume and fullness. During pregnancy and breast-feeding, a mommy’s breast will enlarge, but returning to the normal size and shape can be difficult as the volume is lost and breasts begin to sag. A tummy tuck involves a procedure to remove excess skin and stubborn pockets of fat that will not go away even with exercise and diet. Throughout pregnancy, a mommy’s abdominal muscles, tissues, and skin stretch to meet the baby’s growth inside the womb. Unfortunately, these layers in the abdomen don’t always resume their previous shape after childbirth. However, women don’t have to stop at these procedures. A mommy makeover can also include a thigh lift, arm lift, or a Brazilian butt lift. Depending on your surgeon and the recommended procedures, a mommy makeover can be performed either during one operation or over many surgical sessions.

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Benefits of a Mommy Makeover

A Mommy Makeover cosmetic procedure is a wonderful way to get a wide range of body enhancements all at once. Both physical and emotional positive changes tend to be the major benefits of a Mommy Makeover.  Many Mommy Makeover patients will often state these are some of the  following benefits from procedures:

  • Breasts– Appears more youthful and shapely. When the breast augmentation or lift is finished, patients are pleased to have a bust that looks younger and attractive. With a breast lift, a patient will experience the effect of breasts that support themselves. Patients will get breasts that are perkier and more younger-looking.
  • Tummy – Looks and feels firmer and smoother. After the mommy makeover tummy tuck procedure, your tummy will appear to be flatter and youthful. Your self-confidence in showing your tummy will be greater since there will no longer be loose or flapping skin around your abdomen. Along with some liposuction, this can effectively support the contour of your body and get the shape back before your pregnancy while looking younger.
  • Confidence Boost – Feeling confident and happier. The most common results patients receive after completing their mommy makeover procedure are a significant confidence boost and an increase in self-esteem. This effect has a lot to do with gaining back the body they once had before pregnancy and breastfeeding. A mommy makeover essentially was designed to minimize the signs of aging and other body effects that motherhood has on a woman’s body. Patients that see a more youthful and pleasing body in the mirror feel better and confident in themselves.

There are many other benefits from Mommy Makeover procedures in Scottsdale. Several patients mention how their perceptions of almost everything changes for the better. Plus, many patients talk about being the great benefit of being able to wear their favorite clothes again or be in a bathing suit again with extreme confidence.

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The Best Time For The Mommy Makeover Procedure

The best time for a mommy makeover in Scottsdale is mostly a personal decision between you and your board-certified plastic surgeon. However, when choosing to undergo a mommy makeover procedure, there are a few specific factors to consider if you research mommy makeovers in Scottsdale.

It’s better to wait until you are finished with having children before undergoing mommy makeover procedures such as a tummy tuck, breast lift, or lower body lifts. If you plan to become pregnant in the future, consider skin treatments and non-surgical body contouring procedures during the interim.

It would be best if you were fully recovered from childbirth before undergoing surgery. This includes waiting several months after you are finished breastfeeding to allow the breasts to return to a stable size and shape.

No heavy lifting, including babies. Vigorous exercise and heavy lifting should be avoided for at least six weeks after your procedures, including babies and children over 10 pounds. Coordinate help around the house and with children.

Depending on the specific procedures, plan for your recovery to take up to two weeks, during which time you will be sore, bruised, and swollen. If you are unable to give yourself an effective recovery, then it is best to wait.

A mommy makeover is for non-smokers, similar to any other surgery. Smoking decreases circulation, which delays healing and significantly increases the chance for complications to occur. If you smoke, stop smoking at least four weeks before and four weeks after your mommy makeover.

It’s important to not only be in good physical health but also good mental health. A mommy makeover procedure is Plastic surgery. Patients must be aware of the risks that may occur and the side effects related to their procedure(s). Being in good physical and mental health will ensure a safe and efficient surgical process and recovery. Most procedures involve general anesthesia and a few weeks of recovery time. Patients should practice healthy habits, such as avoiding smoking and drinking, before and after surgery. Mommy makeover patients also should be willing to maintain their results with a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, being mentally ready for surgery, is an important characteristic for potential patients to have, along with having realistic expectations.

Pros and Cons of a Mommy Makeover

You may be considering a mommy makeover, but it’s important to know all the good and bad things that can happen. Here are the top pros and cons to evaluate when researching a mommy makeover for yourself.


  • Restores a more youthful appearance for your breast and give an attractive look to your abdomen area
  • You feel confident in your clothes and not afraid to wear a bathing suit. Clothes will fit better, and you don’t have to worry about not looking good in any of your outfits.
  • A mommy makeover in Scottsdale helps you regain the body image you had before pregnancy, breastfeeding, and motherhood’s effects on a body.


  • If you select to get breast implants, know implants are not intended to be lifelong devices
  • Significant weight gain after the procedures will negatively affect your results.
  • Pregnancy after a mommy makeover procedure can and most likely will affect the results.

Recovery process For a Mommy Makeover

You must know that your recovery will not be quick, especially if you have a full mommy makeover procedure. For a tummy tuck, you can expect at least two to three months of healing. You are not necessarily required to lay in bed, but you should not lift more than 25 lbs until your doctor says you can. As a mom, picking up your kids will be permitted, so you will need help caring for them while you recover.

Additionally, finding help to care for your child is significant, but you will also need to help perform the basic daily tasks for the first few weeks of recovery. You should be able to handle and manage your pain while you rest, but while you move around, this can cause pressure on your incising, then leading to some discomfort. With someone to help you move around and tend to some of your motherly household chores can make your recovery easier.

It is important to have an area designated for your recovery with easy access to the bathroom and is comfortable. Also, take time to prepare the area with all the essentials you will need to make your recovery more pleasant and easy to relax. Have extra pillows to grab for support easily, and have some food and water nearby, so you don’t need to get up for anything. Ensure where you decided to lay and recover that you can keep your head and feet slightly elevated.

Finally, it’s important to know that the mommy makeover results will not be apparent directly after the surgery. Throughout the first weeks of your recovery, your abdomen and breast are swollen, which is normal and nothing to worry about. This is a natural response the body does and support the healing process. Your breast and tummy look after surgery will seem bigger than you expected, but this result is temporary.

Life After A Mommy Makeover

Every mommy makeover patient is unique. Therefore, every procedure and recovery time is unique. A great way to know if you are a good candidate for a mommy makeover is to do your research and review your current life status, including the time to give for recovery and if your body can handle these forms of plastic surgery procedures.

A mommy makeover can be a long-lasting and gratifying procedure when done by an experienced and qualified plastic surgeon. To learn more about your options and find the right surgeon for your body goals.

You are more than welcome to speak with Dr. Rimma Finkel and her team. If you are ready to start your journey, contact Dr. Finkel today!

How To Find A Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon

Finding the right plastic surgeon for your mommy makeover in Scottsdale can be somewhat overwhelming with all the choices. One important aspect to take into consideration is to find a Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon. A certified plastic surgeon indicates that a surgeon has performed the proper training to become a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Most patients are unaware that any licensed medical doctor can legally perform any plastic surgery without having training. Any surgery, including plastic surgery, can often experience complications and having a trained professional with the required knowledge to accurately manage any unexpected surgery difficulties. Selecting a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Scottsdale gives you more reassurance that your surgeon has completed the correct training, passed the certification exams, and obtains the experience you need related to your plastic surgeon requirements. To find the right surgeon, you can use the American Society of Plastic Surgery website to search for board-certified plastic surgeons in Scottdale. With the information you receive, conduct your research by reading reviews, and set up an initial consultation with at least four different surgeons. The board-certified plastic surgeon you officially chose can affect the next few years of your life, sometimes even the rest of your life.

Secondly, make sure your surgeon specializes in the procedures you are looking want to have completed. You can imagine that cartilage in the bone is very different than working with soft tissue. Ensure your surgeon is board-certified in plastic surgery and has substantial experience in the procedures you are considering for your mommy makeover.

Here some helpful questions to ask in your initial consultation can include

Are you a board-certified plastic surgeon?

How frequently do you perform the procedures I want?

What type of anesthesia will I receive, and who will provide it?

What will my recovery be like?

Do you have before and after pictures of my procedures, as well as references?

Dr. Finkel is a well known, highly trusted, double-board certified plastic surgeon in Scottsdale, Arizona. Set up a consultation with her and receive everything you need to know about a mommy makeover in Scottsdale. We are here to help you regain confidence and take advantage of every opportunity life has to offer. We look forward to working with you. Let’s achieve your goals together!

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