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Understanding the Neck Lift Procedure

Understanding the Neck Lift ProcedureA graceful neckline is something we all take for granted until the years come knocking on the door. Unfortunately, the neck is one of the most visible areas on our body and among the first ones to show our age. Loose neck skin, sagging jowls, or a double chin are some of the problems that come with age, weight loss, and genetics. 

Unattractive and bothersome, these neck problems are not easily solved with exercise, diet, or skin-care treatments. No matter how hard one tries to reverse the sign of aging and restore the youthful look to the neck, the results come unsatisfying. 

However, there’s a reliable and effective method for battling this problem, and it’s called a neck lift! Today, we provide a detailed guide to understanding a neck lift procedure for everyone who wants to tighten the skin, improve the contour of the jawline, and enhance the overall appearance of the neck. 

What is a Neck Lift?

A neck lift (also called lower rhytidectomy or submental lipectomy) is a surgical procedure meant to enhance neck appearance. In fact, several treatments can fall in the category of a neck lift for tightening the skin and underlying neck muscles and improving the contour of the jawline. Depending on the patient’s needs and the expected results, a surgeon might have to:

  • Remove the excess skin on the neck
  • Remove or reconstruct neck muscles
  • Perform liposuction to remove excess fat
  • Use botox injections to tighten and redefine the jawline
  • Use Kybella injections to remove excess fat under the chin and tighten the skin
  • Use lasers, ultrasound, intense pulsed light, fillers, and other techniques to improve neck aesthetic

A neck lift is also often followed by other procedures such as liposuction, a facelift, or a cheek lift. 

How is a Neck Lift Performed?

When there’s not much contouring needed, a neck lift is minimally invasive and can be performed with liposuction alone. The full neck lift procedure, on the other hand, includes incisions under the chin and/or behind the ears, depending on the chosen treatment. Then, the muscles are tightened, excess skin and fat carefully removed, and tissue and skin repositioned and secured. After everything is in the right place, the surgeon closes the incisions and bandages the wounds. 

Neck Lift Considerations

Just like any other cosmetic surgery, a neck lift has its advantages and disadvantages. We sum things up in the list of pros and cons of the neck lift procedure:


  • Significantly improves the appearance of the neck and jawline
  • Restores youthful look to the neck
  • Removes excess fat and sagging skin that can’t be restored with exercise, diet, and other non-invasive treatments
  • Can be done as a stand-alone procedure or combined with other cosmetics treatments for the most satisfying results
  • Restores confidence to the patients


  • The surgery comes with risks such as fluid accumulation or bleeding 
  • There might be some prolonged side effects such as tightness in the neck and pain 
  • The aging signs might become more visible in other areas when the neck is the only part treated

Each patient should weigh the good and the bad and consult a trustworthy plastic surgeon on the best option. An informed decision can be made only with consultation with a healthcare provider who knows your needs and medical condition. 

Who is a Good Candidate for a Neck Lift?

You should consider a neck lift if:

  • You have excess fat or sagging neck skin 
  • You feel your neck is too fat
  • You have wrinkles on your neck 
  • You have lost a distinct jawline
  • Exercises, diet, and skincare treatments can’t restore a youthful look to your neck

If you answered yes to one of the statements above, and you’re in good overall health, you’re most likely a good candidate for a neck lift procedure. Still, your trusted surgeon will run a few tests to ensure you’re a good fit. 

Neck Lift Recovery

A neck lift is typically an outpatient procedure performed under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. A patient is usually released to in-home recovery after several hours or a day spent in the hospital, depending on the surgery type and the general health condition. 

When it comes to the neck lift procedure recovery time, it all depends on the individual and the extent of surgery. Most patients can return to daily activities within two weeks, but the symptoms such as pain and tightness can persist even longer. Bruising and swelling are normal too, and these effects should subside gradually. Your surgeon will give you more information on what to expect from the neck lift recovery and give you the necessary instructions. 

How to Pick the Right Surgeon?

First and foremost, select a surgeon who is certified and experienced in plastic or cosmetic surgery. Secondly, pick someone you can trust. Of course, you want to know someone is qualified to perform the surgery with outstanding precision, but you should also feel comfortable and confident about the promised results. 

Before deciding on a particular surgeon, double-check the credentials and experience. Ask a surgeon for neck lift before and after photos as well as other customers’ reviews and feedback. Once you ensure a surgeon is qualified to perform your aesthetic procedure, and the results seem satisfying, you can set up a consultation. From then on, you get to decide whether you feel comfortable with that particular person or you need to continue your search. 

As a double-board certified surgeon with vast medical experience, Dr. Finkel might be your top choice for a neck lift procedure in Phoenix and surrounding areas. Dr. Finkel offers reconstructive and aesthetic services, as well as injectables, providing her clients with top-notch support regardless of the needs. Whether you need a neck lift as a stand-alone surgery or several combined treatments, Dr. Finkel will be there for you. 

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Neft Lift FAQ

To ensure you have everything you need about the topic, we answer some clients’ questions to complement our guide to understanding the neck lift procedure

How much is a neck lift?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of a neck lift was $5,110 in 2019. The price mostly depends on the patient’s choice of treatments that would be included in the neck lift surgery. When it comes to the standard expenses, these include anesthesia, operating room facilities, and surgeon’s specific fees.

It’s important to remember that not all plastic surgeons are the same. Depending on the education, experience, and office location, surgeons tend to ask for a lower or higher price. Our advice is to find the most reliable surgeon out there regardless of the cost. You can’t put a price tag on safety and aesthetics, so you should choose a plastic surgeon wisely. 

What is a mini neck lift?

Those who would want to reverse the signs of aging and deal with the excess fat and sagging skin can opt for a neck lift without surgery, also called a mini neck lift. This is a less invasive procedure that can be performed with botox injections or similar treatments to improve the appearance of the neck. A mini neck lift usually tightens the skin and gives the jawline a more flattering and youthful appearance. Plus, being less invasive, a mini neck lift requires little to no downtime. 

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