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What is Fat Grafting?

What is fat graftingCurves are in right now and while working out can help transform the body in various ways, sometimes the curves you are trying to achieve just don’t come. This is when many women turn to fat grafting, also known as a fat transfer, to help volumize specific areas of the body while removing fat from unwanted places. The process of fat grafting involves refining the fat and reinjecting it into specific areas of the body. If you are wondering exactly what is fat grafting and looking for answers to frequently asked questions about the procedure, keep reading!

Contouring the Body

From your buttocks to your breasts, fat grafting can enhance the natural contours of your body. With a breast augmentation or a butt lift, you can use your own harvested fat to increase the size of your curves. Fat is taken from unwanted areas, such as the hips, back, or abdomen, through liposuction. The process of harvesting the fat ensures that the injected fat is purified. This procedure has become very popular in recent years as having curves has made its way back into popularity among society.

Fat Removal

During the fat grafting process, many people will ask where the fat can come from on the body. The answer is simple:

  • Fat can come from anywhere on the body that has excess fat that hasn’t been removed before so that scar tissue doesn’t negatively affect harvesting.
  • Fat should come from a place with a larger quantity of soft fat
  • You’ll want the fat to come from a place that will be noticeable when removed, such as the abdomen, so that the area appears smaller or flatter.

Know Where You Want Your Curves

When you meet with your plastic surgeon, make sure you let them know exactly what you are looking for. During your consultation, your doctor can assess your body and decide the best places to remove fat and where the injections will happen to achieve the curvaceous figure you are in search of. The point of fat grafting is to utilize your own fat to change the shape of your body instead of using artificial fillers.

FAQs About Fat Grafting

Q: Is fat grafting permanent?

A: Yes. When transferring fat from one area to the next, roughly 80% survives.

Q: Will the fat ever turn into muscle if I continue to work out the area that has newly injected fat (buttocks)?

A: No, the fat will never turn into muscle.

Q: What is the recovery for fat grafting?

A: As with all procedures, recovery time will vary based on the patient’s individual health and personal healing. It also depends on where you have the fat injected. If you have it injected into your lips, swelling may occur for a few days, but it shouldn’t inhibit you from everyday activities and pain is minimal. On the other hand, if you get a Brazilian Butt Lift through fat grafting, you will not be able to sit anywhere from 1 to 2 weeks and are limited on activity until the body has fully healed. You can and should always ask your doctor about recovery time based on your specific procedure.

Q: How long will the procedure take?

A: Again, this will depend on your specific fat grafting procedure.

Q: Which is the better option, fillers or fat grafting?

A: Most doctors will agree that filling a space with a like substance or material is ideal. By this we mean, if fat is missing from the face, fill in the areas with fat, if a bone replacement is needed, using a bone graft to replace it is the best option. While fillers are very popular and there are pros and cons to both fat transfers and fillers, utilizing something from your own body can be seen as the better option in certain scenarios.

Q: How do I know if I am a candidate for fat grafting?

A: We always suggest a consultation with a plastic surgeon to decipher if a fat transfer procedure is the best option for you and ensure that you are in fact a candidate. All patients who want to get any type of procedure need to be in relatively good health. There are many reasons for this including reducing risk factor and recovery time. To make an appointment with Dr. Finkel about possible fat grafting or any other procedure you may want to get, click here!

What is Fat Grafting?

If you are looking for curves but can’t seem to achieve your goals with weighted workouts, you may be considering fat grafting. Now that you can answer the questions, “What is fat grafting,” it is time to call you local plastic surgeon and set up you first consultation to answer any questions you may have. Fat grafting is a great option for those looking to enahance their natural curves and remove fat from unwanted places on the body.