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Expectation VS Reality – How to Set Yourself Up For Success When Getting Plastic Surgery


People choose to have plastic surgery for a number of reasons. Some are happy with their appearance and wonder “what if?”, others have a very detailed list of what they want. Some are looking for help maintaining a healthy body weight with liposuction. Others are looking for a more distinguished look with breast augmentation surgery. Whatever your reasoning for plastic surgery, it’s important to realize the difference between expectation vs reality and how to set yourself up for success when getting plastic surgery.

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Choosing the right plastic surgeon

A fantastic first step to the plastic surgery journey is a consultation. This is the perfect platform for questions to be answered, concerns to be addressed, and goals to be identified.

To find a trusted, accredited plastic surgeon, make sure they are board-certified. This ensures they are experienced, educated, and qualified to perform surgery. Additionally, finding a surgeon you feel comfortable with is important. The goal is to form a long-term relationship with your surgeon to ensure your long-term goals will be met as well.

To find a board-certified plastic surgeon near you, visit The American Society of Plastic Surgeon’s website.

The plastic look

Choosing plastic surgery to look like your Snapchat filter, photoshopped, or like a celebrity is exactly what ‘choosing plastic surgery for the wrong reasons’ means. When plastic surgery is done correctly, it can augment your body in a way that looks natural and complementary to your physique.

The oversized lips, breasts, and buttocks are unappealing to most and a good plastic surgeon should steer you away from that look. Again, plastic surgery is about enhancing your appearance. Not perfecting it or making you look like a celebrity.

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Realistic Expectations

Perhaps the most important aspect a plastic surgeon patient can have is realistic expectations. Not only will plastic surgery not make you look like your favorite actor or actress, but it’s ultimately going to change how you look. This may sound like the obvious but it may be shocking to see a different face for the first time. It’s not uncommon for patients to dislike what they see initially simply because they’re not used to their new look.

Consider asking yourself a few questions before scheduling your initial consultation.

  • Why are you considering surgery?
  • Do you want to change a physical feature that has bothered you throughout your lifetime?
  • Are you expecting to look like a new and improved version of yourself?
  • Are you attempting to keep up with the latest trends?
  • Do you expect to become the spitting image of your favorite celebrity?
  • Do you have a healthy sense of self despite perceived imperfections?

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Maintaining your gains

While plastic surgeons can help you to achieve your goals, most results don’t last forever. Over time our bodies change. However, results can be maximized with proper care. Eating right, getting proper exercise, and minimizing stress levels can extend your results post-operation.

When uncovering your personal expectation VS reality and how to set yourself up for success when getting plastic surgery, it’s important to remain committed to the long-run results. Plastic surgery won’t change your life, solve personal problems, or make you look like someone else. It can give greater self-confidence and add to your personal sense of well being is decided on properly.

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Expectation VS Reality – How to Set Yourself Up For Success When Getting Plastic Surgery

There are many beneficial reasons to undergo plastic surgery. Whether it’s to rebuild your breasts with breast reconstruction after a mastectomy or removing a large amount of fat with liposuction, each decision is personal and should be thought of carefully.

Plastic surgery has an impressive high satisfaction rate when decided on for the right reasons. Wherever you are on your plastic surgery journey, feel free to reach out to Dr. Rimma Finkel and her team of passionate experts. We will do our best to answer all of your questions and calm all of your concerns. Speak openly and honestly about your goals and reasons for your goals. This transparent conversation will ensure the results you desire.

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