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Keeping the Weight Off with Body Contouring

Body Contouring in Chandler Arizona | Dr. Rimma Finkel

Body Contouring in Chandler Arizona | Dr. Rimma Finkel

Keeping the Weight Off with Body Contouring

Many people are focused on improving their body image as it does provide a boost in self-esteem. Patients can maintain proper weight loss by undergoing body contouring. With the right eating and exercise habits, patients will be able to focus on long-term weight maintenance. How can body contouring provide the right returns for patients hoping to lose weight and improve their health?

What is Body Contouring?  

Patients undergoing surgical body contouring in Chandler, AZ will be able to see improvements almost right away. The procedures will remove extra fat or sagging skin. The weight loss will help to shape the tissue under the fat. This will provide an outcome that allows the skin to look toned and natural. The contours of the skin will be smooth, and flawless.

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Can it Help for Dramatic Weight Loss?

People having issues losing weight are now turning to surgery. Does surgical body contouring provide the right results for large amounts of fat or skin removal? After a major weight loss surgery, some patients can have problems with excess skin. Removal of the fat cells can leave behind skin that has been stretched out and is not contouring to the body. The skin and tissues normally lack the elasticity needed to give your body a natural appearance.

What Procedures Are Performed?

If you meet with your doctor to discuss weight loss surgery, you need to find out how each procedure differs. Which procedure will provide you with the best outcome? Most patients in need of surgery for weight loss and skin tightening will undergo one of the following procedures:Dr. Finkel MD

  • Facelift– sagging necklines, mid-face, and jowls often turn to facelifts to bring about a youthful appearance.
  • Tummy Tuck– if a patient has excess fat around their midsection, a tummy tuck is a common procedure used to remove the fat. This surgery will involve removal of fat cells and excess skin that hangs over the abdominal muscles.
  • Breast Lift– patients with sagging breasts often turn to breast lifts to restore breasts to their youthful appearance.
  • Body Lift– this procedure will normally focus around the buttocks, midsection, and the outer thighs.
  • Brachioplasty- patients with sagging upper arms to improve the excess fat that causes sagging skin and muscles.
  • Thigh Lift- when a patient has sagging thighs, this procedure will focus on removing the fat and tightening the skin around them to make the thighs appear toned.