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Studies Show Dramatic Increase in Breast Lift vs. Breast Implants

 Breast Lifts Vs. Breast Implants

Breast Lift | Breast Implants | Dr. Rimma Finkel MDWhich breast surgery is best to improve your body and your appearance? Should you receive a breast lift or a breast implant? The American Society of Plastic Surgeons have shown a 70 percent increase in breast implant surgeries since 2000. Breast lifts are starting to grow in popularity as over 90,000 breast lifts were performed in 2013. What is the difference between the two procedures? Which procedure is going to provide you with the right appearance you desire?


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Obtaining a Youthful Breast

Most women seek the assistance of a Chandler, AZ, plastic surgeon to improve their appearance. Women are normally seeking a youthful breast, but want to use the breast tissue they already have. Breast lift procedures are popular with women in the age ranges of 30-54. A breast lift in Chandler, AZ, normally focuses on helping women who have had volume decrease of their breasts and they now experience sagging of the breasts. Removing the excess skin and then pulling the breasts back can give the breasts a youthful appearance.

Breast Lift in Chandler Arizona | Dr. Rimma Finkel MD

Many women find after childbirth and breastfeeding, they often end up with sagging breast tissue. After weight loss from childbirth, some people feel their breasts have major problems as the extra fatty skin tissue causes the breasts to pull downwards. A breast lift surgery will improve the appearance of the breasts as it allows a woman to recapture her youth with a basic procedure. Breast implants are a little more challenging to deal with as they require a complete removal of the breast tissue and replacement with the implants.

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The Best Option for You

Which procedure is best for you? It mostly depends on what you would like to see as an outcome. The best candidates are those that have plenty of breast tissue left and they want to work with what they already have. Meeting with a surgeon is a great way to find out if you are making the right surgery decision. The doctor will examine your breasts and will do a pencil test to determine what is best for your body.

Breast implants normally costs more money, but the recovery process can be the same for both procedures. Breast implants are still the most popular procedure performed on the market, and the market for these procedures is still continuing to grow. Only your surgeon can help you understand which procedure is best for your body and to improve the way it looks and how you feel about your breasts.

Why Should You Choose Dr. Finkel?

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