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How Long After Mastectomy Can Breast Reconstruction Be Performed

How Long After Mastectomy Can Breast Reconstruction Be Performed - Dr. Finkel MD

How Long After Mastectomy Can Breast Reconstruction Be Performed

Getting a diagnosis of breast cancer is scary, but with the technology that is currently available, the prognosis is much different than it was in the past. Although you’re dealing with a lot and may not be ready to consider breast reconstruction after mastectomy in Chandler, at some point you will want information. Talk to your plastic surgeon to come up with the best course of action for your particular needs.

Types of Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Most people are familiar with implants for Chandler breast reconstruction, but there are considerations with implants. First, you should get an MRI every few years to make sure that the implant hasn’t broken. It can be more difficult to detect breast cancer in the remaining tissue when you have implants. Another type of surgery is tissue flap procedures. This is where the surgeon removes tissue from your hips, stomach, or buttocks to rebuild the breast. Although this surgery makes the breast look more natural, it does leave more scars.

Explore the surgery options, costs and recovery times, along with common concerns

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When Are You Ready For Surgery?

Breast reconstruction after mastectomy in Chandler is handled at different times in the healing process. Some of the process can begin during the actual mastectomy if the surgeon is aware of your intentions. If you have not made a decision, the surgery can be done years after the procedure. Work with your Chandler plastic surgeon to determine which options work best within your treatment plan. It is recommended that you complete radiation before the actual reconstruction procedure.

Chandler Plastic Surgeon - PLastic Surgery in Chandler AZChoosing What’s Right For Your Health

In breast reconstruction surgery, it is not one size fits all. Breast cancer is not just a physical health condition, but one that affects your psychological and emotional health. You need time to grieve and consider all the treatment options that are open to you. When possible, you may be encouraged to begin Chandler breast reconstruction surgery at the time of your mastectomy. This reduces the trauma and expense of additional surgeries.

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