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Study Finds One in Five Are Choosing Surgery for Weight Loss

Dr. Rimma Finkel MD4 Popular Plastic Surgeries for Weight Loss

Weight loss surgery is one of the most-effective ways to lose weight. One in five people are selecting surgery for weight loss over traditional methods of losing weight. As there is a surge in the plastic surgery industry, it is placing a higher demand on Chandler, Arizona, cosmetic surgery centers. Working with the right professional is the best way to identify who can help you, and will offer the best outcome for your weight loss needs.

Tummy Tuck

Several people are using a popular surgery known as a tummy tuck. This surgery is beneficial as it removes excess fat, and allows a doctor to restore weak or separated muscles. Liposuction us often used with a tummy tuck surgery as it helps to remove the extra fat that is around the flanks. If you need surgery, find a specialist providing tummy tuck in Chandler options. The right surgeon will perfect your surgery to ensure you have a flat stomach with a new belly button.

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Cosmetic Surgeon in Chandler, ArizonaThigh Lift

Medial (inner thigh) or lateral (outer thigh) lifts have become increasingly popular in removing unwanted, excessive fat in the the thighs. Medial and lateral lifts work to tighten and remove the unwanted skin or fat of the thighs. This form of surgery is typical in patients undergoing body contouring procedures to produce the overall look the patient is looking for.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

Restrictive weight loss surgery is a popular way to lose weight. A cosmetic surgeon in Chandler will use an inflatable band to squeeze the stomach into sections. There is a smaller section and a large lower section that are connected by a small channel. The overall process of digesting food is slowed down, making a person feel full faster. People normally eat only ½ cup to 1 cup of food before they are full. The recovery is faster and most people have results within a few weeks. To tighten the band more, the doctor can inject more saline into the band. Failure to maintain a healthy diet can lead to failure with the adjustable band as it can stretch the longer a person wears it and eats poorly.

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Sleeve Gastrectomy

Several people prefer using a sleeve gastrectomy as it restricts excessive eating. The surgeon will remove 75% of the stomach and there is a small stomach with a small sleeve that is connected to the intestines. Individuals often require multiple surgeries for a sleeve gastrectomy to work properly. Normally within a year of the first surgery, a person will receive a second surgery.

Aesthetic Surgeon in Chandler, AZ

Aesthetic Surgeon in Chandler, AZ

The desire to become more attractive fuels the majority of people to seek out plastic surgery. People are striving to find ways to look young and feel better about their bodies. Surgeons will meet with patients before surgery to discuss what a patient must do before and after a surgery to maintain proper health. Patients are normally held to a strict diet and must follow proper exercise procedures to be a healthy candidate for surgery.